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Large Variety of Cushions at Vishal Brothers

Cushion Covers

Cushion covers refer to the slips that are used as a protective and decorative coverings. These are one of the most common soft furnishings that can be found in every household. In India, cushion covers, a significant constituent of exquisite home furnishings of the decor, are synonyms of comfort and elegance. Beautiful and potent, the range of aesthetically designed cushion covers is skillfully set in uncommon designs and hues. Read on to know the in-depth details of cushion covers.

Cushion Cover Materials

Cushion covers are available in a number of materials and textures. In fact, the material used in the making of cushion cover most often decides the final price range of the cover. Some of the materials popularly used for making cushion covers are: -Cotton -Silk -Polyester -Leather There are other materials too, but make sure you pick the one which suits your requirements the best. For example, if you are looking for cushion covers for kids room, then it would be wise to go for cotton or polyester ones as not only they are cheap but are also very easy to wash and maintain. Silk and leather ones are perfect for a formal and sophisticated setting.

Cushion Cover Types

There are various types of designer cushion covers available in the market these days. One can source hundreds of designs to suit different styles of interior settings. Some of the cushion cover types are mentioned as under: -Embroidered Cushion Covers -Painted Cushion Covers -Beaded Cushion Covers -Crocheted Cushion Covers -Knitted Cushion Covers -Laced Cushion Covers -Recycled Cushion Covers

Cushion Cover Designs

Cushion covers are made usually with exquisite embroidery that draws inspiration from nature, religious symbols or various floral and geometric patterns displaying a rich color spectrum and exquisite workmanship. The cushion covers are often decorated with bead work where various kinds of patterns are created out of different colored beads. Applique work is also evident with mirrors and sequins that accompany the patches on the fabrics.



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