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Curtains, the ideal home furnishing items to block dust, light and air, not only just add to the oomph factor of your home decor but also provide privacy to your home. As decorative items, curtains are capable of lending mood and ambiance to a room. Rich textured curtains can make a room look grand and luxurious, cotton and tissue curtains on the other hand give a more softer and lighter look.

Door Curtains

Hung on doors, these curtains add enormous personality to a house. Door curtains made of different fabrics can be used in various styles to complement the decor. Tassels, beads and other curtain accessories can be used to give the simple door curtains an extraordinary look.

Window Curtains

Window curtains have been used to accessories homes since civilizations. But they are not just decoration tools. They are utility furnishings, used to block light, sound, heat and cold and provide privacy to the homes, as well as the inhabitants. Traditionally there were three types of window curtains
  • Sash curtains that are supposed to filter the light coming in from the windows.
  • A draw curtain to completely block out the light.
  • Drapes which are considered to be only decorative window curtains.

Curtain Designs

Various techniques, embellishments and weave patterns are applied to these accentuate these fabrics. Traditional art forms like Zardauzi, embroidery, applique, printing, painting, etc give a touch of richness to the interiors and the furnishings used. Further these curtains and draperies are starred, sequined, laced, and bedazzles used kundan work, giving them an expensive and show stopping look.


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