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Large Variety of Carpets


Carpets are used universally to add a dash of richness to the interior. Utility-wise it renders comfort for foot by covering the bare floor. There are a variety of floor carpet sizes and designs available in the market these days. One can opt for the one which is best suited to your taste and area requirement.

Kashmiri Carpets and Talim

In Kashmir, floor carpet design is guided by Talim, the special script for carpet weaving. Designs and patterns of Kashmiri carpets are inspired by Central Asian and Persian rugs. Some carpets combine the discipline of Persian symmetry with a bold contrast of form and color that are characteristically Indian. Punjab also uses the talim method, which owes the development of the carpet industry to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who conquered Kashmir. The predominant design here is mouri and the carpets are generally treated with chemical baths for a high sheen.

Indian Namdah

The Indian namdah, a kind of felt rug, durrie or carpet, is an all-purpose article, indispensable to daily life. It can be used as a floor bed, pillow, dining table, door partition, wardrobe and a suitcase, while travelling. The Kashmiri namdah is made of layers of compressed wool stuck together with natural gum. After being completed, embroidery is executed on woolen yarn. Rajasthan and Gujarat are also famous for making namdah that is appliqued, printed or embroidered. Carpets from the Punjab and Haryana are woven in traditional stripes as well as with stylized birds, animals and human forms used as motifs. In Rajasthan too, carpets are given hunting patterns with trees and floral motifs.

Cushion Cover Designs

Cushion covers are made usually with exquisite embroidery that draws inspiration from nature, religious symbols or various floral and geometric patterns displaying a rich color spectrum and exquisite workmanship. The cushion covers are often decorated with bead work where various kinds of patterns are created out of different colored beads. Applique work is also evident with mirrors and sequins that accompany the patches on the fabrics.




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