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Looking for Special paints?
Karna paints offers you a hassle free painting experience it manufactures a wide range of paints for Decorative and Industrial use. Not only does Karna Paints offer customers a wide range of Decorative and Industrial paints, it even Custom-creates products to meet specific requirements.

  Ideal for both Interior & Exteriors
Super Karnacem has natural affinity for these materials like concrete, abestos cement sheet, most walls, fibre boards,cement sand rendering concrete blocks and concrete bricks.

Looking for attaractive shades?
Karna Paints has from time to time entered into technology alliances with world leaders in the paint industry. It has also drawn on the world's latest technology for its manufacturing capabilities in areas like powder coatings and high-tech resins - thus ensuring that its product quality lives up to exacting international standards, even in the most sophisticated product categories.
  Need of durable goods!!!
Your right choice for furnishing of your house. givng a durable glossy look to your home. Twenty years of experience and stringent quality control matching the international standards.